We S.A.I.D Enough Is Enough

We S.A.I.D Enough Is Enough

Monday, November 4, 2013

Louisiana Trans Advocates' President Elizabeth Jenkins and Equality Louisiana Oppose the "altering, hijacking and editing" of Stonewall History; Calls For More Trans Representation on State and National Boards

Elizabeth Jenkins, President of Louisiana Trans Advocates
Last week Equality Louisiana posted a letter on their website from Elizabeth Jenkins, President of Louisiana Trans Advocates where she criticizes the misrepresentation and trans-erasure of Stonewall history, using SAID organizer Ashley Love's Huffington Politics article regarding Sylvia Rivera. Jenkins also calls for more trans representation on state and national non-profit boards.

Jenkins writes,

"Ashley Love wrote the following on July 6, 2010, about Stonewall and Sylvia Rivera and how the Stonewall story has been altered, essentially hijacked and edited to disregard the transgender community – especially trans people of color. I was dismayed when I first read it. Unfortunately, I found it to be true.
Today’s Louisiana LGBT advocacy and support groups have pledged to put an end to the all too common disregard for the transgender community. Well, most have. There is still a faction in New Orleans, LA, that will not yield to the lessons of history, and although they publicly state their actions are inclusive of transgender people, there is not a single trans person on any of their three boards – the 501(c)3, 501(c)4, or the Political Action Committee. Also, on the national level we still have to put pressure on the Human Rights Campaign to ensure the inclusion of our community."

Read Jenkins' full letter: