We S.A.I.D Enough Is Enough

We S.A.I.D Enough Is Enough

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Affirming Her True Story, Not His Revisionist Glory: An Education Rally


Affirming Her True Story, Not His Revisionist Glory: An Education Rally

August 27th 6:00pm to 8:00pm

Warner Brothers Studios, 3400 W. Riverside Dr., Burbank, Ca. 91505 (Edu-Rally held outside building)

Stonewalling Accurate & Inclusive Depictions, or SAID, hosts an education rally regarding the highly disputed ‘Stonewall’ film. Professors, historians, noted advocates and community leaders are scheduled to speak and will convene outside Warner Brothers Studios (distributor of film) to educate on Stonewall’s actual history. (Speaker list below).

Director/producer Roland Emmerich and screenwriter Jon Robin Baitz, both white gay men, have crafted such an inaccurate depiction of the 1969 Rebellion against police brutality and transphobia that it supersedes what both men excuse as mere “fiction” to what scholars and credible sources deem as historical revisionism due to the film's whitewashing, trans-erasure and gay-washing. Furthermore, transsexual feminists have condemned Emmerich’s ‘Hollywood trans-face casting’, a commonly used term for the stigmatizing and humiliating industry practice of non-trans directors hiring male actors to play trans* woman roles. This miscasting only reinforces institutionalized misgendering, which is a form of trans-misogynistic gender mockery.

*Educators, advocates and community members wanting to speak during the education presentation are welcome to email S.A.I.D. below.

CONTACT: ActualSAID@gmal.com    

 Scheduled Speakers

Professor Jennifer Thompson, Ph.D. - CSUF History Dept., Black trans woman, historian of African studies

Dr. Marie Cartier, CSU Northridge (Gender & Women's Studies), historian, openly lesbian author

Ashley Love, journalist, S.A.I.D. organizer, Black Trans* Women’s Lives Matter coordinator, transsexual/intersex advocate

Rachel Rose Luckey, Stonewall Democratic Club, Chair of Transgender Community Issues

Eli Erlick, Director of Trans Student Educational Resources, trans woman

Jennicet Eva Gutierrez, Familia: Trans QLM co-founder, Latina trans woman (made headlines this summer after interjecting President Obama’s White House speech to decry the violence faced by detained Latina trans* women)

Jonel Hudson, former MTV Networks employee, Black trans woman, artist

Faith Cheltenham, BiNet USA President

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