We S.A.I.D Enough Is Enough

We S.A.I.D Enough Is Enough

Monday, August 22, 2016

S.A.I.D. Archive #1 [VIDEO]: "Stonewall Veteran, Trans Pioneer Miss Major Exposes Stonewall History's Trans Erasure & Whitewashing by Non-POC Gay Inc." - via Trans Forming Media

VIDEO ~ TFM Interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gcIR8UltWLs 
2010: Spirited, unstoppable and inspiring trans leader Miss Major is interviewed by journalist Ashley Love for Trans Forming Media (TFM), a trans* progressive national news source, where Miss Major recounts her experiences as one of the protesters who helped initiate the world shattering Stonewall Riots of 1969.

TODAY: Miss Major eventually moved to San Francisco where she founded TGI Justice Project, a trans human rights group. Beloved trans elder and noted racial justice leader  Janetta Johnson (Major's chosen daughter) now serves as TGIJP's Exec. Director.

Currently Major is on tour promoting the new film 'Major', a documentary detailing her remarkable life, aspirations and  unwavering dedication towards empowering trans  women in Sisterhood, Safety, Spirit, Solidarity and Social Justice that  Serves the most vulnerable 

Major has inspired a warm and cozy home in Oakland, CA, frequently visited by chosen family, friends and trans/ally community 

Miss Major & Ashley Love @ Plummer Park, West Hollywood, CA
Segment Description:

Stonewall icon Miss Major was inside the Stonewall Inn that fateful night in 1969 that sparked New York's explosive riots against police brutality. This personal interview features one of Miss Major's first times on film candidly speaking out against Gay Inc.'s aggressive whitewashing of the Stonewall Rebellion. 

A living legend with a heart of 'going any distance' to uplift community, Miss Major has arguably been the leading force in exposing the spider web of lies spun by the gay patriarchal establishment's sinister revisionism to appropriate the revolutionary legacy of Black and Brown transgender, transsexual and gender non-conforming freedom fighters.  

Though Whitewashed, Inc.'s propaganda machine was  fiercely orchestrated, well funded and widely distributed, the attempt to erase from social and historical consciousness the courageous actions taken by besieged trans* women, GNC and LGBQ folks of color in self-defense against the state fueled police brutality in all it's ugly, transphobic, racist, misogynistic and micro-aggressive forms ultimately FAILED. #ByeFred

...and...Miss Major is STILL HERE!

Source: www.TransFormingMedia.blogspot.com 

Date: Interview uploaded on 9-14-2010

Location: Filmed in Brooklyn, NYC during Fall '10

To see 'Major' film: http://www.missmajorfilm.com/

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