We S.A.I.D Enough Is Enough

We S.A.I.D Enough Is Enough

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

S.A.I.D. Archive #2: [VIDEO] Legendary Trans Artist Donna Personna "Gravely Disappointed" by SF City Officials Making Light of Racist & Transphobic Police Violence re: #DropTheGene Compton's Cafeteria Riots; Feels "Betrayed" by Undemocratic Community Leadership

     Media Source Trans* Forming Media ~ TFM
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  VIDEO INTERVIEW Revis-i-Story of State Violence 
    RE: Donna Personna Talks 'Turk & Taylor' Controversy  
 -   WATCH: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tf8Mzu6LbxA
   DETAILS via  T F M  News:
   -  Article below written 8/4/16 - Interview Filmed 7/16/16

"On July 16th, directly following the Tenderloin Museum's One Year Anniversary Celebration, I interviewed trans pioneer and artist Donna Personna (she was in SF during Compton Cafeteria Riots) about San Francisco city's unbelievable whitewashing of Compton Cafeteria Riot's legacy.  

During the recent post-Trans March ceremony on June 24, 2016 the city renamed the intersection of Turk and Taylor 'Gene Compton Cafeteria Way' instead of  'Compton Cafeteria Riots Way' as Donna and others voted on, and what the community assumed it was being renamed as.

So not only has 'Riots' been whitewashed out, the name of an accomplice of police brutality has been snuck in. Gene Compton, the cafeteria owner who conspired with the violent law enforcement, should not be honored, the people's resistance against transphobia, homophobia and racist and sexist state violence should be. ~ A" 

#DropTheGene #DropTheG #DropPoliceBrutality


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